Friday, January 30, 2015

Cathedral Window Wall Hanging

Sometimes my enthusiasm for a project grows and, as is it does, so does the project. This was a case where reason won out over enthusiasm. What began as a king-sized cathedral window quilt, using a white Kona cotton as background, evolved into a wall hanging that is much more practical. Have I mentioned how much my cat loves to lie on my quilts? Enough said.

I've been wanting to make a cathedral window wall hanging using all silks, but I needed to make some decisions first. I prefer to make the background squares by machine, but love sewing down the windows by hand. I've usually sewn the background squares together by machine, but decided to do it by hand this time, whip stitching them to each other.

What I learned from this practice piece is that whip stitching them together, no matter how small your stitches, results in more bulk than I prefer, particularly since I put a false back on the quilt.

I'm shopping around at this point for silk to make my next wall hanging. I love the work of Lynne Edwards and highly recommend her book as a starting out point if you're interested in cathedral window. I do, however, use an amalgam of methods gleaned from surfing the web, looking at a number of books, and just experimenting.