Saturday, November 29, 2014

Working with Silk

I have a lot of experience working with silk; it's one of my fabrics of choice when I'm putting together a crazy quilt. That said, I generally work with very small pieces of silk, so I was intrigued by a workshop offered by my guild and taught by Cheryl Lynch.

While I generally like to choose my own fabrics, timing made it more convenient to purchase one of
Cheryl's kits. It isn't easy to find silk dupioni in local quilt shops. My plan was to try out one of Cheryl's special curved rulers and to make this small quilt, which is the perfect size for a table runner.

I was so pleased with this ruler that I had to buy one. I can see many uses for it from curved borders to lattice-topped quilts.

There is no curved piecing at all. After sewing together strips of fabric, you use the ruler to cut curved strips which are then appliqued on using a decorative stitch.

While the color scheme matches absolutely nothing in my house, it will look at home in Longboat Key. Visit Cheryl's site  for more information on "curvalicious." 

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