Friday, July 25, 2014

Constructing Circular Crazy Quilt "Blocks"

Is it correct to call something circular a block? Whether it is or isn't, I've just finished constructing 3 of them, a large, medium, and small, all done in fancy red fabrics. I could have constructed 3 blocks, then used templates to cut them into circles, but since I was making them without any patterns, I wanted to see what would develop. As I progressed from large to small, there were definitely challenges which I met using  some curved patches and some appliqued ones.

I began by going through my stash of red-hued fancy fabric, a somewhat limited selection, and choosing fabrics which worked well together. Most of the fabrics were solid, so I had to rely on texture to add interest to each block. I drew 3 circles of different sizes onto a piece of muslin then cut them apart leaving a generous margin around each. I then cut my first patch, a 5-sided one. I always begin with a 5-sided patch as it prevents the finished block from looking "strippy." Working clockwise around that first patch, I used the flip and sew method to completely cover my drawn line. When I was done, I pinned the template (made from freezer paper) to the patch and sewed around it so I had a true circle. I proceeded in like fashion with the other two circles.

I plan to use only red beads to embellish the seams of these circles, though I will use a selection of various sizes and types of beads (though plans have been known to change). Right now my plan is to use just the beads for embellishment. These circles will be finished using the interfacing method of applique to attach them to the black and white wall hanging I posted about last week (see here).

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