Saturday, July 19, 2014

I'm So Dizzy

I decided to create a second blog since much more of my time these days is spent quilting rather than cooking. While I still post occasionally to The Food of Love, it's more to archive my favorite recipes for my personal use.

My intention here is to chronicle my passion for the fiber arts, most especially quilting. I began hand piecing and hand quilting in the late seventies. Then, it was a way to alleviate stress. I enjoyed making baby quilts for family and friends, but didn't have a great deal of time to devote to this hobby since I was working full time, attending graduate school, and attempting to get ahead in my career.

In 2004, I retired after 35 years in education and began my odyssey in machine quilting. Since then I've spent thousands of hours taking classes, learning new techniques, attending quilt shows, and amassing an alarming collection of fabric, threads, sewing "tools," and embellishments. I've also returned to "hand work" in the form of crazy quilting, though I continue to create "sane" quilts.

This piece, which measures 48" X 48" will become a wall hanging. I began it in a workshop given by Ed Bostick on Tuesday and finished it this morning. After I quilt it--I need lots of practice free motion quilting--I intend to applique on a small, red, spherical crazy block.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Ok, so I stopped reading all the blogs in my blog reader a few months ago when I was working to finish my quilt for the show. I haven't gone back to reading them, even though the quilt was finished over two months ago, because I am trying to limit my online time and spend more time in studio happenings. And now you go and start a blog!! Which I must read of course:) Keep posting your blog posts to FB so I know you posted a new entry, since I still don't plan on getting back to checking my blog reader regularly.